“I have always been drawn to simplicity and strive to peel away as many layers as possible in my design. There is often a great deal of work and thought behind the stripped-down, but when I discover it, I experience incredible satisfaction. I want simplicity to evoke something in people. I envision rooms/objects dancing a graceful dance with individuals, inviting them into a warm aesthetic with honest craftsmanship. There is a challenge in transforming the simple into something magnificent without appearing boastful, which is always my goal. I would like to label my design as something akin to 'elegant functionalism,' with a constant pursuit of sustainability and high quality, where spaces and objects seamlessly integrate with their surroundings and lasts a lot longer than one lifetime. Looking back at history, I draw inspiration from architects/designers such as Axel Einar Hjort, Alvar Aalto, Ralph Erskine, and Donald Judd. I aim to carry forward their design ethos and history, but with a slightly more feminine brutalism. I aspire to inspire and invite a more conscious existence, where we become more caring towards everyting we surround ourselves with, fostering a sense of greater tranquility for individuals. It is my belief that many people live in excess - excess in wealth, possessions, food, interests, and ideas about how life should be. Selfishness, superficiality, and luxury grow, while many others in the world suffer from homeless- ness and poverty and there seem to be no care about the planet we been lucky to use and live on. What is true luxury for humanity? Given the current state of the world, I believe we need to scale down for various reasons —physically, mentally—challenging many of the ideas we currently live with to see a different world emerge with better values, ultimately creating a brighter future for all.” - Mikaela Falk



Jag Mikaela besitter en kandidat i möbeldesign och en av mina främsta kvaliteter handlar om att skapa idéer på både objekt, möbler och rumsligheter. Formgivningen kommer mycket naturligt och enkelt för mig och jag har lätt att sätta mig i olika rum och förstå vad du/ni som företag söker. Att formge tillsammans med dig som företag eller privatperson ligger mycket varmt om hjärtat. Jag finns tillfälligt för frilans formgivning under ert företagsnamn eller hjälpa dig som privatperson med custom made möblering som du sedan får ritningar på och kan ge till snickare eller så hjälper jag dig att finna en bra person som kan tillverka.


Videomöte 1:1 gratis 30 min, skissa fram förslag 745 SEK per timme, köp av ritning 1245 SEK (denna kostnad tas bort om vi  tillverkar möbel).  


I, Mikaela, hold a Bachelor's degree in furniture design, and one of my foremost qualities lies in generating ideas for objects, furniture, and spatial arrangements. Designing comes to me with great ease and naturalness, and I possess the ability to discern the needs and desires of both businesses and individuals within various environments. Collaborating on design projects, whether with a company or a private individual, is a deeply cherished endeavor for me. I am currently available for freelance design work under your company's name, or to assist you as an individual in creating custom-made furniture arrangements. I can provide detailed drawings for your chosen designs, which can then be presented to carpenters for construction. Alternatively, I can help you locate skilled craftsmen for the manufacturing process.

Pricing: Initial 1:1 video consultation: complimentary, lasting 30 minutes Sketching proposals: 745 SEK per hour Purchase of detailed drawings: 1245 SEK (this fee is waived if the design is commissioned for manufacturing).


Vi erbjuder allt som ingår inom inredningsarkitektur. Ritningar för platsbyggnationer, planering och tips inför eller under renovering, hur du ska möblera och inreda, färgsättning, textilier, kulörval och hjälpa med skisser/ritningar hur ditt hem/din lokal skulle kunna vakna till liv.

Det första som sker är att vi bokar ett kostnadsfritt möte där vi kan mötas och du kan berätta vad du behöver hjälp med och visa platsen som ska förändras och jag presenterar mig som formgivare och hur jag brukar arbeta. Nästa steg blir att boka en 1:1 videokonsultation på alternativt 25 minuter/945 SEK eller 55 min/1875 SEK där jag presenterar underlag på idéer jag fått utifrån vårt möte.


We provide a comprehensive range of services within the realm of interior architecture. This encompasses tailored blueprints for custom-built structures, strategic planning and advice for renovations, guidance on furnishings and decor, color schemes, textiles, and expert assistance with conceptual sketches/drawings to breathe life into your home or commercial space.

The initial step involves scheduling a complimentary meeting where we can discuss your needs, and you can showcase the area slated for transformation. I will introduce myself as a designer and outline my typical approach. The subsequent stage is to arrange a one-on-one video consultation, lasting either 25 minutes for 945 SEK or 55 minutes for 1875 SEK, during which I will present concepts derived from our initial meeting.


We design and manufacture our own collection of furniture, and Atelier Shelf is the first product being released to the market, available for ordering through our online store. It can also be found at Arranging Things in Stockholm, Abrahamsgården in Norberg, and soon at Kollekted By in Oslo. The collection, now coming to life through Atelier Mon, will continue to expand in the future.


The Atelier Shelf is the inaugural product released to the market and is available for order through our online store. It can also be found at Arranging Things in Stockholm, Abrahamsgården in Norberg, and soon at Kollekted By in Oslo. The collection, now coming
to life through Atelier Mon, is poised to expand in the future.